Croque Madame

Croque Monsieur at Madame Claudes, a cafe in Jersey City

I first had a proper croque madame in Paris, and have been ordering them whenever they appear on a menu since.

The basic premise of Croque madame is melted cheese on top of ham on a toasted baguette and served with a fried egg. The salad on the side helps assuage the guilt of eating all the cheese and butter.

Ideally the egg yolk runs across the meat and cheese and into each nook and cranny of the baguette which should be crunchy.

I ate this one for brunch at Madame Claude’s Cafe on the fringe of the gentrified downtown in Jersey City. Madame Claude’s reminds me of a bohemian cafe, as if someone decided to just open up a restaurant in their kitchen. With just half dozen tables, its always crowded. Regretfully, this sandwich was served with only one egg, but otherwise was very satisfying.

Croque Monsieur at Madame Claudes

Madame Claude Cafe
364 1/2 4th Street
Jersey City, NJ

4 Responses to “Croque Madame”

  1. That sandwich looks crazy delicious.  Excellent photos.  How is Madame Claude’s?  Decent vegetarian options?

  2. I actually don’t recall what they have in terms of vegetarian options. But other than that it has a nice quaint feel to it. 

  3. The photography is *literally* mouth watering. 

  4. ” on the fringe of the gentrified downtown in Jersey City.”

    You don’t want to go past the fringe; condescending white privilege doesn’t live there.

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