Vietnamese Beef Soup

beef soup from Nha Trang in Jersey City

Beef, broth and rice noodles combine in a delicious hot soup.

This soup alone could probably healthily feed a lesser person. But I usually start out a gluttonous family-style meal with my own little bowl. Friends and I have been eating at Nha Trang fairly regularly on Sunday nights, which is good because afterward, all we want to do is pass out.

I mix in plum sauce and sriracha, a sweet and spicy combination until the soup turns a dark shade of purple. Traditionally, the soup is topped with bean sprouts at the table for an added crunch. I prefer to simply snack ont he pile of been sprouts and eat the soup without them.

Vietnamese beef soup

Nha Trang
249 Newark Avenue
Jersey City

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  1. Hmm, less delicious looking than the meatballs and berliner.

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