Square Pizza

Square pizza slice from Bushwick, Brooklyn

The unassuming pizzeria bakes up some rather delicious slices.

I judge pizza by geometry and my preference is for triangular pie. So when I venture into the square pizza territory, there usually is a reason. In this case, its the fresh mozzarella and basil.

Pizza construction is important. In high heat, cheese can go from deliciously golden crispy to black and charred in seconds. By covering the cheese with a protective layer of sauce, the pizza can cook at a higher temperature.

Danny’s Pizzeria
241 Bushwick Avenue

6 Responses to “Square Pizza”

  1. … or are they hiding the burned cheese with that protective layer of sauce?  I support the other foods you’ve photo-eaten.  I even generally support the square, Sicilian-style pizza.  Easy to hold.  But I am skeptical of this particular square pizza.

  2. I’m always skeptical of square pizza. Its like, anyone can make a square, but a triangle? Think about the geometry.

    This had the right combination of crunch exterior crust with soft interior crust (which is often the result of baking at high heat, where as baking at low heat tends to crisp the crust all the way through). 

    It could have had more cheese, and the basil could have been fresher.

  3. The crunchy exterior and soft interior is key.  But wimping out on the cheese, and limping out on the basil, seems all too common around here.

  4. I think the real mistake on their part was cooking it with the basil on first, and then it basically kills the basil on a reheat. (where putting the basil on after it comes out of the oven the first time would keep it fresher)

  5. See, that’s always an issue when you get a pizza delivered.  Probably because you’re not physically there, so they give you the old slice that’s been sitting around for years.  The one that no one wanted, the loaner.  

    You’d hope it wouldn’t happen when you go in person, when they have to look you in the eye.  Like men.

  6. It really is rare that I will end up buying a square pizza slice, but this one struck me as looking better than average, which maybe isn’t true of the photograph but was in real life. 

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