Salted Chicken and Other Things Poorly Interpreted

I was out at Brooklyn’s second Chinatown on Avenue U and stopped for lunch.

Identifying interesting dishes can be a challenge the names of the dishes aren’t necessarily translated well. My friend made some bumbling conversation with the wait who spoke about as much English as we spoke Cantonese. This is what we got:

“Salted Chicken” which was salty, but only in the sense that it wasn’t sweet. Large chunks of eggplant floated with small pieces of white meat chicken.

Chicken on the bone, the waiter expressed. Yes, we were okay with that. This was not as good as the first, but still still very good. Lots of onions with dark meat.

Making some awkward banter beforehand paid off when our whole fish arrived. The waiter kindly stripped the flesh from the bones more elegantly than we ever would have.

Yes, that is a fish head. No, we didn’t eat it.

Shing Wong Restauant Inc
1232 Avenue U

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