Red Curry near the Golden Gate

Red Curry in San Francisco

Any west coast tour would be incomplete without sample food from the Pacific rim, in this case, Vietnam.

My brother and I spent the day walking through Golden Gate park before meeting up with our parents. We were headed up to the Sonoma valley that afternoon for a wedding, but wanted something to eat first. Walking out of the park, I quickly realized we had stumbled into a heavily Asian neighborhood. The signs on the storefronts gave it away.

I did a quick (although, not that quick, since I was still on the original iPhone’s EDGE network then) search of restaurants. Yelp recommend Pho Phu Quoc, and we found ourselves in a family owned Vietnamese restaurant where the Vietnamese patrons far outnumbered the white patrons — always a good sign when choosing ethic cuisine.

I chose the red curry, mostly because I feel red curry is underrated and ordered too infrequently. It was sweet and then spicy once I added a healthy dose of Sriracha sauce.

Pho Phu Quoc
1816 Irving Street
San Francisco

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