Oversized Zeppole

Zeppole from Led Zeppole

Led Zeppole, part of the Artichoke Pizza empire, is like a carnival fried food stand on 14th Street.

Traditional Zeppole originate in Italy with different regions producing their own unique varieties. Owing to the large population of Italian immigrants, zeppole have found their way to street fairs, carnivals, and the boardwalk shacks across New York and New Jersey.

Commonly, zeppole are small, light dough balls fried and covered in powered or crystalized sugar.

These dough balls from Led Zeppole are unexpectedly heavy. They are larger too, with a hole in the center for even frying. They are coated in powdered sugar but also rainbow sprinkles, another addition I didn’t expect.

Zeppole in New York

Zeppole in the bag with powered sugar and sprinkles

Led Zeppole
328 East 14th Street

2 Responses to “Oversized Zeppole”

  1. These appear to be of the ‘beignet’ and ‘funnel cake’ family, correct?

  2. I’m fairly certain they use the same dough as the funnel cakes, also available at the location. But to me, what you really think of when you think of zeppole, are puffy dough balls. 

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