Mega Cake Ball!

Mega Chocolate Cake Ball

This is literally a ball of cake covered in rainbow sprinkles.

I have a thing for rainbow sprinkles.I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this thing, only that I was drawn in by the glitzy colored sprinkles like a teenage girl to bedazzled denim.

I cut it in half revealing a thick, chocolate more like a ganache than cake.

I split it with my roommate and even just half the ball felt like too much sugar. It was super sweet, like molasses almost. The last flavor had a hint of Asia, that secret ingredient that seems to pervade Asian style desserts.

Maple Leaf Bakery
6623 Fort Hamilton Parkway

One Response to “Mega Cake Ball!”

  1. “Hadn’t he said he wanted only cake? But I couldn’t. I could
    not tell her about this cake ball. It would have been too rich—too rich altogether….” 

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