Meatball Party

Meatballs in red sauce

I pan fry my meatballs because it makes them delicious.

I had some friends over for a brunch of waffles. We played a round of Settlers of Catan, and then three more. By the time we finished, everyone hated each other. Settlers of Catan is a game of backstabbing and vicious cutthroat deal making. What everyone did agree on was that we were hungry again. Settlers can be a long game.

What we didn’t agree on was what to make. There was some tense negotiations between baked ravioli and chicken parmesan before the consensus candidate emerged: meatballs.

Meatballs were actually easy enough to prepare and satisfy those who wanted meatball sandwiches and meatballs with pasta. I cooked up some homemade sauce too.

meatballs frying in the pan

Ground Pork
Ground Beef
Secret spices

Mince the garlic and onion. Mix into the meat and cheese. Mix in the egg and a splash of milk. Mix until evenly combined. Add breadcrumbs and secret spices (basil, oregano, secrets!) and mix gently. Form balls. Fry in oil until lightly crispy on the outside. Bake in tomato sauce bath.

4 Responses to “Meatball Party”

  1. Those are some damn fine looking meatballs.

  2. I made a lot. There were so many meatballs. Meatballs everywhere. 

  3. made me smile.

  4. These look delicious, but I’m concerned about this secret meatball party.

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