Deep Fried Cheeseburger

I visited a friend in Ohio and all I got was this deep fried cheeseburger.

What is it about American midwestern cuisine that requires everything touch the deep frier? Don’t think I’m complaining, I’m just saying, that’s how it is.

I tried to look up the restaurant where I ate this artery clogger, but I couldn’t find the place because so many bars in Columbus, Ohio were offering their own deep fried cheeseburger.

Truth be told, I was expecting more. I wanted the beef to be tender with globs of hot cheese melting from the inside, like a rice ball where the rice has been substituted for ground beef. No such luck, apparently.

The exterior was a bit crispier than an ordinary burger, and other than the extra grease, there wasn’t anything all that special about this burger.

One Response to “Deep Fried Cheeseburger”

  1. The burger seems to need more cheese; the onion rings look good.

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