Brussels Sprouts And Bacon

Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

Bacon and a little melted butter turns brussels sprouts delicious.

As much as I love brussels sprouts, I acknowledge they aren’t everyone’s favorite green vegetable. But luckily bacon, butter and garlic help nearly everyone overcome their brussels sprout aversion.

Roasted brussels sprouts with bacon

Brussels Sprouts

Steam quartered brussels sprouts until almost tender. Cook bacon. Chop bacon and toss with minced garlic and sprouts. Roast in oven until sprouts are fully cooked.

4 Responses to “Brussels Sprouts And Bacon”

  1. Another vegetable I have shunned since childhood…

  2. Its very easy to make Brussels sprouts taste terrible. Butter and salt help, but over cooking them is a common problem. They are basically little cabbages.  

  3. mmm cabbage.

  4. You LOVE cabbage. 

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