Beef Tongue Taco

When I have beef tongue, I can’t help but think think of the 1980s television show Ramona based on the Beverly Cleary children’s book.

In the episode “Mystery Meal,” Ramona’s mom cooks up some beef tongue for dinner. Both her parents seem very concerned about revealing the mystery meat cooking on the stove. “Lets hope they don’t ask too many questions” mom says to dad. Ramona cleverly deduces the tongue isn’t a pot roast and then ominously declares it “Mystery Meat!” Hijinks ensue when Ramona and her sister are forced to cook their own mystery meat dinner for their parents.

My friends and I were out looking for a late night dinner. Yola’s cafe had been recommended by the internet and we found ourselves eating Mexican food for the third time in four days. In the hope of changing things up, I ordered a tongue taco.

The meat was a bit tough, but otherwise made for a nice taco.

Yola’s Cafe
524 Metropolitan Ave

2 Responses to “Beef Tongue Taco”

  1. Put this on the list of things I can’t imagine trying.  No sense of adventure, I suppose.

  2. So I guess you aren’t going to be having any beef tongue sandwiches any time soon? 

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