Bacon Cheddar Burger

Bacon and cheddar burger from the Burger Box Truck

The Burger Box, a Newark based food truck, makes a solid burger.

The crumbling city of Newark of Newark, New Jersey is home to a Rutgers University campus. I’ve been attending graduate school there for the last few years and finding an after work, before class meal is always a challenge. Wasn’t I happy to find a food truck offering up local, hormone beef burgers.

The burger actually came in a box as the truck promised. The shredded onion bits were a take it or leave it but mostly leave it affair. But the burger was juicy and loaded with pickles and lettuce and tomato.

Burger Box burgers literally come in a box

Burger Box Food Truck
Newark, New Jersey

2 Responses to “Bacon Cheddar Burger”

  1. I saw this truck on campus the other day.  Looks pretty good in these pictures, maybe I’ll have to give it a try.  Are those curly fries?

  2. Onion curls. They were alright. The burger was the winning component. 

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